Amazing deal at GiltCity for beauty products!


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Hello everybody!

I know I have been MIA for a while. My job and social life took over my life and I haven’t had much time to blog even though I have wanted to.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who messaged me asking me where I was and writing more!
Anyway, I will be revamping the website next year and be more active here. In addition, I got some more exciting news for you guys so stay tuned! ūüėÄ

However, here is a deal that I have to share with you guys!

It’s one of the best deals ever!

Right now on Gilt City , you can buy Ricky’s NYC at 40% off!

These credits are both valid in-store as well as online! The deal is valid until March 09, 2015!

Rick's NYC

Wait, the deal gets even better.

If you are a new Gilt customer, you can enter the code “WELCOME30” to get an additional 30% off.

If you already have an account, you can enter the code “PAYPAL10” to get $10 off your purchase of $50

Either way, go through Ebates  to get an additional % off!

Oh, if you redeem your voucher in the month of December, you get a Ricky’s Brush set for free!

I used the code “WELCOME30” and brought down my total from $60 to $42. In addition, I got an additional 3% off through Ebates! Thus, my final cost should have been $40.2 but since I had Paypal credits a.k.a payment from¬†Ebates for my shopping trips, I paid $0 for the entire thing!

Technically, -$1.8 since I got that through cashback!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Anyway, since I am in UAE, I will be getting mine through my trusty MyBox.

Here are my picks from the website:

Morphe Brushes Matte Palette 35N

Morphe's Matte Palette

I have heard so much stuff about these palettes and I love matte eye shadows. It’s a great palette to have in anybody’s kit!



Heard so many good stuff about this so I’ll pick up two sets for myself and my sister


TIGI products are a game changer for me! I love their conditioners and treatment products such as After Party and SmallTalk. They have sets at great value so I’ll pick up some too! ūüėÄ

TiGi Rise and Shine Set


TIGI Pink Hair Kit



TiGI green hair kit


FACE atelier Ultra Foundation Pro

Right now, they have 50% off their entire range and I have heard amazing stuff about their foundation. So that will directly go to my cart!

FACE ateliar

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Cherry

This is HG for me! Seriously, if there is one product that I can recommend, this would be it! Adds incredible volume, bounce, life to your hair! For some reason, I can never find the bigger Cherry bottle in UAE so I might pick this one up!

For reference, the smaller bottle costs AED 25.00 and bigger one is AED 45.00 at Boots Pharmacies across UAE.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Cherry.png


Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder.png

Of course, the secret to that Kim K highlighted look has garnered an HG status in the beauty ¬†world. The price isn’t that great on the site but with the voucher from Gilt, it is still an incredible deal.

They have products from other brands such as Sugarpill, Dose of Colors, Violet Voss, Coloured Raine, NYX, LA Girl and more!

Here are some more deals that are going on at the moment:

$4.99 Essie & OPI

$9.99 RickyCare LumiLight powder (“comparable to Ben Nye‚Äôs Banana Powder”)

25% off RickyCare 88 eyeshadow palettes (two color choices)

50% off jars of Lucas’ Papaw

50% off Free Your Mane (entire brand)

20% off ECRU (entire brand)

25% off Mason Pearson (entire brand)

15% off all dry shampoo (all brands)

20% off Enzo Milano Appliances

30% off NuMe Appliances


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review. I purchase the mentioned product/s with my own money and the opinion stated here are that of my own.

Sephora Black Friday haul! (Warning: Picture heavy)


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Warning: The post is picture heavy as I wanted to show the packaging of the items too.

I have been eyeing Sephora since I came to know about their Black Friday deals where they sell items for $10! This year was no different and thus I had to place an order. You can find the full list of deals here. I decided to buy makeup stuff and I read reviews of all the items before deciding on the items to buy. I have heard about things selling out super fast thus I prepared myself an hour earlier. I knew exactly what I wanted and I kept my cart ready with the “promotional”/free gifts that I wanted to prevent myself from wasting¬†time on choosing¬†samples and stuff. At 8:30 am (UAE time), I noticed that the deals were showing up on the gift section but I couldn’t add them to my cart. Thus, I decided to add them to my “loves” list. After that, I started refreshing my loves page like a crazy maniac and 10 minutes before 9, I was able to add 2 of the 6 deals that I wanted. A couple of minutes later, I was able to add all the ones that I wanted. I also saw that the Philosophy Purity Cleanser was still available and I have no idea why I added it to my cart. I immediately went to the checkout and added all my card info. Unfortunately, there was an issue and it wasn’t accepting my card. After 4 tries, I decided to use my Dad’s card and it went through! And all my items were still in my cart during the whole time! So I bought 7 Black Friday deals¬†for $10 each. Shipping to the US address was free since my total was over $50 but they charged me an additional $4.9 for tax. So I placed my order on the 28th of November and they shipped it out on the 30th of November. It reached my MyBox US address on the 2nd of December. So yes, 3 days shipping is true ūüėÄ Usually it takes MyBox only 1 day to show it in my online account but this time, it didn’t. Thus, I emailed MyBox¬†asking enquiring about the shipment and the wonderful lady said she will get to it. Next day, when I logged in, it showed in my account! So here is the summary from MyBox US to my UAE address:

09/12/2014 Delivered to Customer
09/12/2014 Shipment out for Delivery
09/12/2014 Shipment Arrived to Destination Facility
08/12/2014 Held in Customs
07/12/2014 In Transit
06/12/2014 Shipment Forwarded to Dubai
05/12/2014 Under Preparation
04/12/2014 Order Received

This time, I got charged AED 80 for the shipment as my package was apparently 1.12 kg ūüė¶ So in total I paid AED¬†363¬†for my order (AED 283 to Sephora including the tax and currency conversion charges and AED 80 to MyBox). I also got $5.6 as cashback as I went through Ebates to make my purchase. They were having 8% cash back on Black Friday and highly recommend them. If you are spending money, might as well get some cash back and bring down your total purchase amount. Since I am not a US resident, they pay me back via PayPal every 3 months. I will probably make another post detailing¬†my entire experience with them. Before we start, here are some unboxing pictures:

Unboxing Sephora Black Friday Order Unboxing Sephora Black Friday Order Unboxing Sephora Black Friday Order

Everything came in pristine condition in a brown Sephora box with “Fragile” written all over! They added some paper on top and bubble wrap sheet (?) at the bottom of the box.

Anyway, here are the stuff I got from Sephora:

1)¬†Buxom Power Players‚ĄĘ

0.22 oz Mini Hold the Line Waterproof Eyeliner in Call Me + 0.33 oz Sculpted Lash Mascara in True Black

Buxom Sephora Black Friday Buxom Sephora Black Friday  Buxom Sephora Black Friday Buxom Sephora Black Friday

2) Kat Von D Lip Love Set

0.04 oz Studded Kiss lipstick in Lolita + 0.10 oz Everlasting liquid lipstick in Berlin Berlin has become my favorite and it does last forever! Kat Von D Sephora Black Fridaypb4zl5e

3) Tarte Magical Moments Deluxe Best Sellers Essentials Set

0.05 oz LipSurgence‚ĄĘ lip gloss + 0.15 oz Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush in Magic (smaller than this) + 0.13 oz Lights, Camera, Lashes‚ĄĘ 4-in-1 mascara. The blush was way smaller than quoted.

0klgTarte Sephora Black Fridayurd       q3u3xib Tarte Sephora Black Friday Tarte Sephora Black Fridaygmlphzb

4) Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Duo

0.7 oz Travel-size Legendary lipstick in Posy Pink +0.7 oz Travel-size Legendary lipstick in Fig. The size was more like 0.04 oz not 0.7 as quoted.

Smashbox Lipstick Sephora Black FridaySmashbox Lipstick Sephora Black Friday Smashbox Lipstick Sephora Black FridaySmashbox Lipstick Sephora Black FridaySmashbox Lipstick Sephora Black FridaySmashbox Lipstick Sephora Black Friday

5) Too Faced Workday To Weekend Play

0.17 oz Shadow Insurance primer in Original + 0.17 oz Shadow Insurance primer in Champagne

They also had another Too Faced set that included their original shadow insurance and Better than sex mascara because I have more than enough mascaras. In addition, I wanted to try out the Champaign one since I heard that it’s pretty good to be used on it’s own.

Too Faced Sephora Black FridayToo Faced Sephora Black Friday Too Faced Sephora Black Friday   Too Faced Sephora Black FridayToo Faced Sephora Black Friday

6) Philosophy Limited Edition Purity Made Simple (12 oz)

This came in a separate bag in a box as it’s liquid and thus prone to spillage.

Philosophy Purity made simple cleanser Sephora Black Friday Philosophy Purity made simple cleanser Sephora Black Friday

7) Stila Glisten & Shine Set

This exact set was going for $15 every where but Sephora was selling it for $10!

0.01 oz Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Black Amethyst +0.05 oz Lip Glaze in Glisten

image_3 yqjnjnv Stila duo Sephora Black Fridaydytjvk3 Stila duo Sephora Black Friday Stila duo Sephora Black Friday  Stila duo Sephora Black Friday

Free stuff

I used “SEASONSET” in the promotional code to receive this bag filled with 8 deluxe samples. They had three different goodie bags¬†but I chose this one called “Flawless Refresh” as it had a sample of Prada Candy perfume and Clinique’s Almost lipstick in shade Black Honey. Unfortunately, my sister took the perfume sample and I couldn’t use it even once ūüė¶

SeasonSet Flawless Refresh Bag SephoraSeasonSet Flawless Refresh Bag SephoraSeasonSet Flawless Refresh Bag Sephora

I also chose these three samples at checkout. I prefer perfume samples as you usually get more uses out of it and they are easier to carry in your clutch.

Marc Jacobs Fragrance Daisy (Sister stole it)

Lacoste Lacoste L!VE (Gave it to Dad)

Hugo Boss BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT (Gave it to Dad)

Summary: They shipped out my package on time and included everything I ordered. They packaged it with tissue paper and bubble wrap. I got everything in perfect condition. Based on my first experience at, I will definitely be ordering more goods. My only regret is not picking up those NEST rollerballs because I keep reading raving reviews on the trio. Perhaps I will pick it up next year if they offer it. .

UPDATE: I contacted Sephora regarding the size discrepancy for the Tarte and the Smashbox set and they refunded me $21.9. That is $10 for each deal and $1.9 for Tax ūüėÄ

Rating: 10/10

Recommendation: Look out for their promos under Weekly Specials to score free deluxe size items. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review. I purchase the mentioned product/s with my own money and the opinion stated here are that of my own. a.k.a best customer service in UAE


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I was looking for a makeup organizer and after googling a bit here and there, I came to the conclusion that Glam Caddy would be perfect for my needs.

Thus, after searching various sites, I decided to order from as it was only AED 49 and had free delivery. Plus it was Cash on Delivery and I was like if anything goes wrong or I don’t receive my item, I just won’t have to chase them for money.

So on Thursday, 13th November 2014 at exactly 1:04:11 AM, I placed my order with¬†the seller Warda Zarqa at At around 11 AM, I received a call to confirm my order. When asked, the lady mentioned that I will receive my order within 48 working hours. So she will contact the merchant and if it’s in stock, I will most probably receive it on Sunday and if not by Monday.
Lo-Behold, it arrived earlier than expected on Saturday, the 15th at around 1 pm. I wanted to check the package before handing the package but the courier guy refused saying that it’s against the company policy. So I handed him the money plus a small tip (because he actually called me instead of giving me missed calls like those Aramex guys)

Anyway,¬†after putting it all together, I realized that a piece was broken and the thing wasn’t rotating properly. I called them up but I then realized that they were closed on Saturdays.

So next morning, I left them a message via their live chat and received a call back from them at 1 PM stating they will talk to the merchant and get back to me.

They called me twice on the 18th but I was too busy to pick up and forgot to call back.

On the 19th I received a call from Parzel to confirm my delivery. About 10 minutes later, I also received a call from to confirm whether I have received my delivery.

At around 2, I received my replacement and handed the original one i received. The replacement was perfect….nothing was broken and all the units were working properly. I informed them the same via the live chat.

On the 22nd, I received a call from them asking whether I was happy with my item. I also received a call from the actual merchant asking the same.

If this isn’t awesome service, then I don’t know what is. They made sure that I was completely satisfied with my item even though it was only 50 AED.

So to sum it up, if you are looking for goods online with low prices and free delivery with awesome customer service, is the way to go.

Rating: 10/10!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review. I purchase the mentioned product/s with my own money and the opinion stated here are that of my own. I have not received any compensation for this review

Sedona Lace – 20% off plus FREE worldwide deliveryI No minimum!


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I received an email stating that they are not only having a 20% off promotion but also offering free worldwide delivery.

Sedona Lace brushes are quite popular as they have been compared to brushes from M.A.C and Sigma but are at a fraction of the cost.

Best thing is that these brushes are made by Crown Brushes that are so much loved by Elessa Jade of PurseBuzz. She is one of the first people I started watching online and she is still one of the best “make-up” gurus out there.

However, here is the best part about the offer:

“No minimum purchase”

Yes, you hear that right! No minimum purchase!

It’s a limited time offer so hurry up! ūüėÄ

Nyx (4th of July) Haul!


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This post was supposed to be up by the end of July, however, I have no idea why it didn’t go up.

Anyway, here it is:

About a month ago, I was randomly walking around Mirdif City Centre when the SALE sign at Centre point caught my attention. I have no idea why but I ended up going to the NYX counter and buying these the Soft Matte Cream in San Palo and Round Lipstick in Heredes

I didn’t even to swatch the Soft Matte Lip Cream as they didn’t have a tester for it. Plus the fact that this was the last piece available made my need to buy it even stronger. FML!

Anyway,¬†when I finally got around to using it, it was a lighter than I expected it to be. I don’t generally wear¬†berry toned lip colours but this colour looked amazing on me. In addition, I loved the finishing…it was the perfect matte finish and it didn’t even dry out my lips unlike the ones from MAC.

Needless to say, I was super impressed with the quality. I googled the company and found out so many excellent reviews about their products. It was during this time when I came to know about their 40% off 4th of July Sale. I was super excited! First of all their products are super cheap and 40% off on American prices is like pennies for us Dubai-walas (since we pay higher retail prices in a “tax-free” country). However, there was an minor issue – they “officially”¬†deliver to UAE via MYUS, a freight forwarder which is ridiculously expensive. Funny how during this time, I was informed that my favourite freight forwarder service, MyBox, has started shipping cosmetics, liquids and stuff without any extra charges! I¬†think this was a¬†strong¬†sign that I should place an¬†order.
So I went to the site with a plan to spend only $25 to qualify for free US shipping thinking that¬†even if things go wrong, I would not even feel bad. By now you might have realized that my plans never work and¬†so¬†I ended up spending more than I initially planned to…. $45.90 to be exact after much self control.

Honestly speaking, I would have spent more if the site was not as slow as my maid (we still love her though). People on Facebook where complaining of items disappearing from their cart and payments not going through. Fortunately, I didn’t have any such problems and my order went through smoothly.

I placed my order on the 4th of July 2014 and they shipped out my order the 9th of July 2014. It took Fedex and USPS 8 days to deliver my package from their warehouse in California to my freight forwarder in New Jersey which I thought was ridiculous. My packages arrive from US to UAE faster than that and that is exactly what happened. I received my package here on the 22nd of July and I only paid AED 30 for delivery as my package was under half a kilogram. *Does the monkey dance*

Here is the summary:

Order date: 4th of July 2014

Shipping Date: 9th of July 2014

Delivery to US address: 17th of July 2014

Delivery to my UAE address: 22nd of July 2014

This is the box it came in….awesome custom should learn a lesson in opening packages. They literally butchered the box while checking the contents -.-

Nyx Package


Customs, why you no understand what fragile means?

Customs, why you no understand what fragile means?

The signature green bubble wrap

Signature Green Wrap

Signature Green Wrap2

Signature Green Wrap3

Can we have a moment of silence for this pretty lace drawstring bag?


Nyx Lace Bag

I have never seen an online company packaging their stuff in such a pretty manner. It’s not much but these little things do count to the overall brand impression

Here is what I got:

Three more Soft Matte Lip Creams:

Soft Matte Lip Cream 1 Soft Matte Lip Cream 2

I wanted the ones in Ibiza and Morocco as well but they were sold out ūüė•

The much raved about mosaic powder in Highlighter

See how gorgeous it is?

See how gorgeous it is?

I love orange and I lost my favourite blush in the whole wide world, MAC Stereo Rose, recently (Never mind, I found it! :D) and I just felt the need to buy a blush to make up for it.

Nyx Blush Cinnamon

I saw GossMakeupArtist raving about this lipstick colour so I had to buy it because I just love that dude!

Bought this Butter Gloss in Peach Cobbler because of the amazing reviews and it smells divine! Will definitely pick more of these

Nyx Butter Gloss Peach Cobbler

My sister got the¬†foundation and primer….she has been loving the primer. I must tell you that the texture and feel of the primer is out of this world. I would definitely pick up more of these primers..

I was planning to buy the wonder stick in all the three colours but bought just one mainly to line the eyes or lips. As you can see,  I already used about half of it. The color match was good over the summer but now, it has gotten too dark for me.

Nyx Pencil in Dark

Nyx Pencil in Dark

I got a slim lip liner pencil¬†in Nectar as a freebie!¬†Perfect match for my lipstick! ūüėÄ

I am so impressed with the quality of the items I received for the price I paid. In total, I paid AED 204.85 (including delivery to UAE) for 11 items (including 1 freebie) which is not bad at all!

Nyx 4th of July Sale Haul

Funny how I now prefer these lip creams over my YSL lipsticks. I would definitely buy more from this company!

Rating: 10/10

Recommendation: The soft matte lip creams are a cult favourite. You just can’t go wrong for the price.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review. I purchase the mentioned product/s with my own money and the opinion stated here are that of my own.

Basic Tomato Salsa recipe


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I love salsa! Thus, after a little bit of google and loads of reading, I came up with my version of salsa. This was my first attempt and it wasn’t bad at all. Besides, it’s healthy, fresh and goes with everything!

Before we start, here are some important things to note:

A) DO NOT peel the tomatoes. The skin is what actually gives the dish texture

B) It is very important to roast tomatoes to bring out all the flavours.

C) It is a versatile dish so you can add or leave out some ingredients depending on how you like it.

Ingredients list

1-2 tomatoes, halved

1 to 2 medium onion

1 small garlic clove, crushed, optional

1 – 2 tablespoon of lemon juice

Handful of fresh coriander, roughly chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

White vinegar, optional

White Sugar, optional

Cumin powder, optional

REMEMBER: It’s a versatile dish so you can add or leave out stuff according to your preference.


1) Place the tomatoes on a baking tray lined with aluminium foil.

Tomatoes Tomato_Baking_Tray


2) Sprinkle them with a little salt and cumin powder


3) Roast them in the oven for 10-12 minutes. You can roast the tomatoes on the stove top as well. Roasting is important as it brings out all the flavour in the tomatoes. I did burn mine slightly but it made no difference to the taste



Can you see what I am talking about?

Can you see what I am talking about?

2) Place the roasted tomatoes in the food processor along with the remaining ingredients. I added extra onions and chillies to make it more spicy. I skipped the vinegar and added a little bit of sugar instead to give it a nice punch

3) Run the food processor for about 3-5 minutes or until everything is well blended.

4) Give it a taste test and add more lemon juice or onions…whatever suits your taste buds.

5) Pop it in the fridge for about an hour

6) Here is the finished product


7) A couple of months ago, I found this baby at Lulu:Masa Harina

I love Mexican food so I have been looking for Masa Harina since forever. So when I saw this, I was like that’s it! This was the answer to my prayers. Boy I was wrong, very wrong. It’s the white variety which doesn’t taste as good as the yellow corn one. Not worth the 16 Dhs I paid for it.

To test it out, I made these mini tortillas and they turned out better than I expected.

My first attempt at making corn tortillas :')

My first attempt at making corn tortillas :’)

Here is a picture of my mid day snack ūüėÄ

Salsa and Corn Tortillas


TIP: Works amazing well for Bruschetta apparently! Add mozzarella cheese to make it even better. It’s horribly fattening though ūüėõ


DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim to be an expert. This is merely my way of making the dish. I will not be held responsible for any of your kitchen disasters.

Bath & Body Works Haul!

Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale¬†is on!

This time, I decided not to go overboard as I already have tonnes of stuff from there to use up. However, I wanted to pick up some candles as I was running out of them.

I went to their branch at Mirdif City Centre and came home with everything except the candles ūüėõ


So, here is what I got:

Body Lotions

All the ones over here were reduced to AED 15 from AED 60. Best thing is that these were manufactured this year….I love fresh stock! ūüėõ I did buy some additional ones for AED 10 (Sugar&Fig and Sheer Freesia) but those went straight to my mum’s¬†charity box

Body Lotions    Body Lotions

Shower gels/Cream Body Washes 

All for AED 10 except the Rome Honey Suckle Amore which was priced at AED 15.
EDIT: I checked the receipt and realized that they charged me AED 15 for Sweet Pea as well even though it was advertised to be AED 10

Shower Gels and Shower Cream

Fragrance Mist Set

I have enough mists so I bought this for an aunt. The individual mini ones were going for AED 10 each. However, they didn’t have the scents I wanted¬†so I ended up paying a bit more and getting this set for AED 55.

Body mist

Golden Sugar Scrub + Triple Moisture Body Cream combo

Picked this up for an aunt as well for AED 55. I have previously¬†bought the scrub for AED 20 and the Cream for AED 10 so compared to that, this set did come out to be a bit on the higher side. However, I have no regrets…..the scrub is so totally worth it! I will try to make another trip to pick up more of these scrubs ūüėÄ

Cashmere Glow Scrub          Cashmere glow cream

Hand washes

I love Midnight Pomegranate and Warm Vanilla Sugar and these were going for AED 10! I picked up two more for AED 15 each.


Hand Washes

Fresh Picked Meyer Lemon Combo

This set came with a gentle foaming hand wash, deep cleansing hand wash, hand sanitizer and a hand & body cream for only AED 50! This was a total bargain and I would have bought more if other scents were available.

Fresh Picked Meyer Lemon Fresh Picked Meyer Lemon SetFresh Picked Meyer1

They also included a card explaining what each product was, how to use it and the ingredients used.

    Card2            Card1

¬†By the time I got done, I got super hungry so I ended my haul with¬†a trip to¬†Edo Cafe to pick up some yummy mochis ūüėÄ

Edo Cafe

 Mochis                    Mochis

Top 5 favourite Bath & Body Works products


People who know me know that Bath & Body Works is one of my favourite¬†brands in the whole wide world. I was introduced to Bath & Body Works by my parents a couple of years ago and now spend way more than them combined. They are one of the biggest reasons behind my failure to save money. Every time I am in¬†the mall, I see the offers on¬†huge board¬†and succumb to those temptations. During the time of the Yellow Sale or the Big Sale, things get even worse for me as I buy truck load of stuff. Don’t worry, I am not a hoarder…we¬†donate most of the goods to charity or send them back home like a good asian should. (If you are an Asian, you know what I am taking about :P)

So¬†out of all the products that I have tried from them, here are my top 5 (not in the order as I can’t decide :P)

1) Candles

The 3-wick candles are a star on their own. They burn beautifully because it has….yes you guessed it right, three wicks. I do have a bit of an OCD issue with candles. I loathe it when only the wax at the centre melts and makes the jar look like a messy Nutella jar. Well, in my diary, it is okay for Nutella jars but not for the candles. They have tonnes and tonnes of scents so you are bound to find one that you fall in love with. I burn mine¬†for a couple of hours and the scent lasts a long time. They are strongly scented but not in a head-achy kind way. The big ones (14.5 oz) retail for AED 90 but during the sale season, you can pick them up for as low as AED 22!


2) Golden Sugar Scrubs

I like the fact that these come in a tube rather than a jar so it’s more hygienic. The “crystals” are coarse¬†but is still gentle on the skin. These are good for people with normal to dry skin. While rubbing the mixture onto the skin, the crystal melts and it makes¬†my¬†skin feel a bit oily. However, the feeling disappears soon and leaves my¬†skin well moisturized…moisturized enough that I often skip the moisturizer after shower.¬†These retail for AED 80 but during the sale, you can pick them for AED 20.

Golden Sugar Scrub

3) Fragrance Mists

Even though they don’t last a long time, they are still up in my list because of the variety available and their price. They have¬†some unique blends but¬†I stick to a few of their scents due to my¬†ultra-sensitive nose (if you¬†didn’t realize¬†that by now). My favourite is Sweet Pea and I usually get¬†lots of compliments when I wear this. These mists retail for 75 AED but during the sale, you can pick them up for as low as AED 15.



4) Shower Gels

These are amazing and they don’t¬†strip moisture from your skin. A little bit is enough to create a lot a foam so these last a long time. They retail for 60 AED but during the sale time, you can pick them for AED 10-30.

Shower Gels

5) Pocket-bacs

Looking for a¬†hand sanitizer that doesn’t smell like a hospital or burn your eyes? These are it! Lol, this sounds like a bad commercial but these seriously work for me! I am not sure how to describe this but this is what happens:¬†the effect of alcohol in regular hand sanitizer lasts a long time so when I wash my hands a couple of hours after using regular¬†hand sanitizers, and wear/remove my contacts, it burns like a thousand suns in my¬†eyes. For some reason, these don’t so obviously I love these! Depending on the scent, they are priced between AED 15-35 but¬†during the sale, they go as low as¬†AED 3.


6) Hand soaps

I know I said 5 but I couldn’t help it ūüėõ I love the way these foam and how well it leaves your hands feeling clean and moisturized. They retail for AED 30 but during the sale, you can pick them up for as low as AED 7.


7) Triple moisture body cream

They do everything that a moisturizer should do – they absorb pretty quickly into the skin and moisturize well. They are scented enough to make an impression without being so overpowering to give me a head-ache. They retail for AED 55 but during the sale, you can pick them up for AED 10.

triple moisture body cream

Keep your receipts when you shop from any Alshaya store such as Bath & Body Works.  You can go here and fill up a short online survey to win an Alshaya card worth KD 100 (about AED 1300).

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review. I purchase the mentioned product/s with my own money and the opinion stated here are that of my own.

Bioderma Private Sale and Bioderma Sensibio H20 review


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I have previously heard a lot about this French brand and so when I received an invitation to join their private sale, I decided to do a research on its popular products as I wanted to try some new products.

Experience at the sale event:

The private sale was held ¬†between 1st and 2nd November 2013 at the JW Mariott Hotel, Business Bay. Everything was 50% off and some items had a buy 1, get 1 free offer in addition to the discount. They offered free skin consultation at the event to help you determine which products were suitable for your skin type. After that, my skin consultant, who seemed like a very young lady, handed me about 10 different products. I hate pushy sale assistants. I would prefer it if they tell me the type¬†of products I should use and explain me the science behind the ingredients¬†rather than handing me zillions of products to buy. No way in hell am I buying that much stuff! Beauty related products are one of the few things that I research on before buying. I read loads of reviews, find out the ingredients in them and then make a purchasing decision. I rarely make impulse beauty purchase, as my skin is super sensitive. I specifically went there for the Bioderma Sensibio H20 solution after reading rave reviews about the product¬†and am so glad I bought the biggest bottle that was available at the event. Initially, I was planning to buy the 100 ml one to test it out. However, I ended up buying the biggest bottle that was there. That’s what I do…spend, spend and spend more ūüėõ The 500 ml one was reduced to AED 45 from AED 89! Oh, unlike some sales, the items were not close to expiration date. After inspection, I found¬†that they were freshly manufactured so deal! In addition, I also bought two tubes of Photoderm Max Stick SPF 50+ (review to follow soon). The lip balms were an impulse purchase since I was in need of one with SPF. At the counter, they added plenty of Sebium purifying foaming gel samples in my bag. Before leaving, the ladies at the registration desk asked me to choose an item among a 30 ml Bioderma Sensibio Micellar solution, 50 ml¬†AutoDerm cream and a full size AutoDerm soap as a gift. Since I already bought the solution, I went for the AutoDerm soap and my sister went for the AutoDerm cream. So I got to try out more¬†stuff¬†without spending anything. Since it was a long time ago and I was in a bit of hurry, I didn’t get to take pictures of the event. However, here is the pricing list in case you are interested (click on it to enlarge):

DSC00694 DSC00695 DSC00697 DSC00698 DSC00699 DSC00700 DSC00701 DSC00702

Bioderma Sensibio H20  Review

 Before we start, here is a brief description of micellar solution by Dreaming In Blush:

“A micelle is a tiny oil molecule that is suspended in soft water. Instead of smearing your makeup around your face¬†like water would, these little molecules¬†basically¬†eat up and absorb dirt and makeup like little pac-man”

I wasn‚Äôt expecting much of it other than removing all my make-up and daily sunscreen. I don‚Äôt wear make-up daily unless I look like crap that day¬†and when I do, it‚Äôs usually eyeliner and lipstick. However, special occasions like weddings are a whole new case. That‚Äôs when the 1 kg make up face comes out. ūüėõ Thus, I never really felt the need to buy a separate make-up remover. However, I bought this because I just wanted to see how effective make-up removers were as this is considered to be one of the best that is available in the market. Plus, it also gives me the flexibility to remove make-up in bed.

From the bottle:

‚ÄúSensibio H2O gently cleanses and removes make-up from face and eyes. The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the cutaneous balance. Soothing active ingredients prevent the skin feeling irritated. Excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance‚ÄĚ

Directions for use: Holding the bottle upright, just press on the pump with a cotton ad and it will soak up the lotion! Cleanse/remove make-up from face and eyes and dry gently.


Properties: Fragrance-free formula. Alcohol-free. No phenoxyethanol. 500 ml bottle. Made in France


The packaging of the item is quite simple yet effective. It comes in a clear plastic bottle and a pink flip cap, opening which exposes a pump. The product is literally like water in consistency and appearance.

DSC00690DSC00691 DSC00692 DSC00693

To use it, I fold my round cotton pad twice and pump it two to three times to soak the entire cotton pad.

DSC00536 DSC00534 DSC00535

I use one cotton pad to remove face and neck product and another one to remove products from the eyes and eyebrows. Usually, one cotton pad is enough for the entire face to remove sunscreen and eyeliner if I use any.(Yes, I like to use it even when I only have a sunscreen on my face as it makes me feel that my face is extra-clean :P) On days when I wear full-face make-up, I use two to three cotton pads for the entire face. It works effectively on me, as there is usually no residue left on my skin nor does it leave my skin dry. I then proceed to remove it with my cleanser of choice that day (which is usually Johnson’s baby soap or something from my mum’s collection)

Here is a before and after shot of using Bioderma Sensibio H2O on eye-make up.

Eye makeup - Before

Eye makeup – Before (Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer 88 eyeshadow palette)

Eye makeup – After

And here is the cotton pad after:

Removing BB cream and lip tint

Removing BB cream and lip tint

After removing eyeliner

After removing eye make-up


In spite of claiming that its fragrance-free, I can definitely feel a mild and pleasant scent. Even though I am extremely sensitive to scent, this product didn’t irritate me so I guess most people should be fine with it.


So result wise, I am extremely happy with this product. I didn’t expect any skin care benefits from it; I only expected it to remove my make-up effectively, which it does without irritating or drying out my skin. I can’t compare it to the other micellar solutions out there as this is the only one that I have ever used.

Will I ever repurchase?

Maybe!  I really want to try the one from thisworks as I heard that in addition to removing dirt from face, it also brightens your face. So until I find it or find something better, I will definitely invest in this product from Bioderma. It’s totally worth the money.

Rating: 10/10

Availability in UAE:

Available at most pharmacies and hypermarkets such as Carrefour or online here.


500 ml – AED 89 , 250 ml – AED 68, 100 ml – 33

Recommendation: Although I have heard that people leave this on, I would highly recommend removing the product with a cleanser as the oil particles can break you out.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review. I purchase the mentioned product/s with my own money and the opinion stated here are that of my own.