People who know me know that Bath & Body Works is one of my favourite brands in the whole wide world. I was introduced to Bath & Body Works by my parents a couple of years ago and now spend way more than them combined. They are one of the biggest reasons behind my failure to save money. Every time I am in the mall, I see the offers on huge board and succumb to those temptations. During the time of the Yellow Sale or the Big Sale, things get even worse for me as I buy truck load of stuff. Don’t worry, I am not a hoarder…we donate most of the goods to charity or send them back home like a good asian should. (If you are an Asian, you know what I am taking about :P)

So out of all the products that I have tried from them, here are my top 5 (not in the order as I can’t decide :P)

1) Candles

The 3-wick candles are a star on their own. They burn beautifully because it has….yes you guessed it right, three wicks. I do have a bit of an OCD issue with candles. I loathe it when only the wax at the centre melts and makes the jar look like a messy Nutella jar. Well, in my diary, it is okay for Nutella jars but not for the candles. They have tonnes and tonnes of scents so you are bound to find one that you fall in love with. I burn mine for a couple of hours and the scent lasts a long time. They are strongly scented but not in a head-achy kind way. The big ones (14.5 oz) retail for AED 90 but during the sale season, you can pick them up for as low as AED 22!


2) Golden Sugar Scrubs

I like the fact that these come in a tube rather than a jar so it’s more hygienic. The “crystals” are coarse but is still gentle on the skin. These are good for people with normal to dry skin. While rubbing the mixture onto the skin, the crystal melts and it makes my skin feel a bit oily. However, the feeling disappears soon and leaves my skin well moisturized…moisturized enough that I often skip the moisturizer after shower. These retail for AED 80 but during the sale, you can pick them for AED 20.

Golden Sugar Scrub

3) Fragrance Mists

Even though they don’t last a long time, they are still up in my list because of the variety available and their price. They have some unique blends but I stick to a few of their scents due to my ultra-sensitive nose (if you didn’t realize that by now). My favourite is Sweet Pea and I usually get lots of compliments when I wear this. These mists retail for 75 AED but during the sale, you can pick them up for as low as AED 15.



4) Shower Gels

These are amazing and they don’t strip moisture from your skin. A little bit is enough to create a lot a foam so these last a long time. They retail for 60 AED but during the sale time, you can pick them for AED 10-30.

Shower Gels

5) Pocket-bacs

Looking for a hand sanitizer that doesn’t smell like a hospital or burn your eyes? These are it! Lol, this sounds like a bad commercial but these seriously work for me! I am not sure how to describe this but this is what happens: the effect of alcohol in regular hand sanitizer lasts a long time so when I wash my hands a couple of hours after using regular hand sanitizers, and wear/remove my contacts, it burns like a thousand suns in my eyes. For some reason, these don’t so obviously I love these! Depending on the scent, they are priced between AED 15-35 but during the sale, they go as low as AED 3.


6) Hand soaps

I know I said 5 but I couldn’t help it 😛 I love the way these foam and how well it leaves your hands feeling clean and moisturized. They retail for AED 30 but during the sale, you can pick them up for as low as AED 7.


7) Triple moisture body cream

They do everything that a moisturizer should do – they absorb pretty quickly into the skin and moisturize well. They are scented enough to make an impression without being so overpowering to give me a head-ache. They retail for AED 55 but during the sale, you can pick them up for AED 10.

triple moisture body cream

Keep your receipts when you shop from any Alshaya store such as Bath & Body Works.  You can go here and fill up a short online survey to win an Alshaya card worth KD 100 (about AED 1300).

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored review. I purchase the mentioned product/s with my own money and the opinion stated here are that of my own.